What is this about?

Q. So, what is this blog about?
A. I often receive questions in my inbox, career guidance questions from my juniors from high school or college, or friends asking for tech. help, among others. Since my answers to a lot of them had common elements, I figured it will be nice to start collecting them in an easy-to-access place. Hence this blog.

Q. Why the arrogant title? Can no one else answer my question?
A. Well, technically, this blog is not called "answers by Animesh" :). I aim to serve mainly as the guy who you can ask these questions to. The answers themselves may initially come from me, but I am more than open to updating them based on the comments from the several knowledgeable persons I have had a chance to know in the recent years. Please put the pitchfork down now :).

Q. What topics can I ask a question on?
A. Well, the set of topics on which the blog already has Q&As are on the "Topics" box on the left navbar of the site. In general, questions related to the following topics are most welcome, since that is what I mostly get asked :) :

  • Technology, especially questions related to computers, the web, and Android phones
  • Graduate level education, especially engineering graduate school (M.S. and Ph.D) in the USA, and more specifically, at USC
  • Engineering undergraduate education, including the IIT-JEE and life during B.Tech at [I]IT-BHU, my alma mater
  • Career in research, especially in computer science
  • Life in France, especially as an expat researcher in Paris
  • ...

Q. How do I ask a question?
A. Thanks for deciding to take the plunge! :). Please visit this page to get started. [or click the "ask a question link" on the top navbar]

Q. How will I know when my question has been responded to?
A. If you leave your email with me, I will send you a note when I post it. Otherwise, please keep checking the blog :). [you can subscribe to updates using the panel on the right navbar].

Q. I don't like your answer to question X. What are my options?
A. Several, actually.

  1. Click the like/dislike quick feedback buttons under the blog post with the Q&A.
  2. Post a comment in the comments section. I am definitely open to updating my answers, with proper attribution, of course.

Q. I do not have a question, but rather a question+answer pair, which I think your readers would like. Can you add that to this site?
A. Great! I would be happy to add it, provided the topic is similar to the topics generally discussed here. Please email it to me at animesh at gmail.

Q. BTW, who _are_ you? What do you think makes you qualified to be the clearinghouse of these questions?
A. Thanks for coming to my site, dear person-who-I-don't-know :). I am currently a permanent researcher in computer science at INRIA, the French national labs in computer science. Before that, I received a Ph.D in computer engineering in 2008 at the University of Southern California, USA, and a B.Tech in computer science and engineering from IT-BHU in 2003 (after clearing the IIT-JEE in 1999). I hope the above (and the fact that I have many friends much more knowledgeable than I) makes me a good enough clearing house of the types of questions mentioned above. You are most welcome to read more at my website (personal, work) or my blog.

Q. Hi, I am a spambot. Would you like some V1@6r@, or some Nigerian money?
A. Welcome to the site! To quote the lipsitcked pitbull, "Thanks, but no thanks" :)